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i would assume that every photographer dream of doing a shoot in santorini, considered one of the most beautiful islands in the world. this island is home to the little white structures hanging on the cliff. if you’ve got a friend who has been to this island, i am pretty sure he or she has a selfie with this white buildings on the background. but you will never appreciate this place more if you’ve never been there. there’s more to santorini than these blue-capped structures. santorini is an island meant to be explored.

i had a chance to visit the island last quarter of last year.  i thought i’d appreciate it less because i am still in nirvana after exploring the beautiful cities of venice, amalfi coast, positano and prague. but i was totally wrong, santorini has its own character and charm. i enjoyed the many aspects of it. driving around the island and witnessing sunset in different areas made me realized that santorini has a life of its own. no wonder it was not even affected by greece’s bankruptcy.

i’m sure you’ve seen the venice engagement session i featured here. that was a beautiful shoot and i know to top it would be difficult especially i am shooting the same couple. i want this santorini shoot to stand out but not totally overpowering that venice experience.

scroll down and see santorini in both familiar and unfamiliar pespective.


santorini pre-wedding_0481.jpg
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santorini pre-wedding_0470.jpg
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santorini pre-wedding_0497.jpg
santorini pre-wedding_0504.jpg
santorini pre-wedding_0505.jpg
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santorini pre-wedding_0502.jpg
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santorini pre-wedding_0550.jpg
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santorini pre-wedding_0555.jpg
santorini pre-wedding_0559.jpg
santorini pre-wedding_0554.jpg
santorini pre-wedding_0560.jpg
santorini pre-wedding_0547.jpg
santorini pre-wedding_0462.jpg
santorini pre-wedding_0465.jpg
santorini pre-wedding_0468.jpg
santorini pre-wedding_0467.jpg
santorini pre-wedding_0464.jpg
santorini pre-wedding_0466.jpg
santorini pre-wedding_0463.jpg
santorini pre-wedding_0446.jpg
santorini pre-wedding_0445.jpg
santorini pre-wedding_0456.jpg
santorini pre-wedding_0449.jpg
santorini pre-wedding_0453.jpg
santorini pre-wedding_0447.jpg
santorini pre-wedding_0455.jpg
santorini pre-wedding_0452.jpg
santorini pre-wedding_0450.jpg
santorini pre-wedding_0454.jpg
santorini pre-wedding_0457.jpg
santorini pre-wedding_0444.jpg
santorini pre-wedding_0428.jpg
santorini pre-wedding_0424.jpg
santorini pre-wedding_0422.jpg
santorini pre-wedding_0425.jpg
santorini pre-wedding_0427.jpg
santorini pre-wedding_0423.jpg
santorini pre-wedding_0415.jpg
santorini pre-wedding_0419.jpg
santorini pre-wedding_0416.jpg
santorini pre-wedding_0420.jpg
santorini pre-wedding_0417.jpg
santorini pre-wedding_0418.jpg
santorini pre-wedding_0421.jpg
santorini pre-wedding_0437.jpg
santorini pre-wedding_0440.jpg
santorini pre-wedding_0435.jpg
santorini pre-wedding_0436.jpg
santorini pre-wedding_0431.jpg
santorini pre-wedding_0429.jpg
santorini pre-wedding_0433.jpg
santorini pre-wedding_0432.jpg
santorini pre-wedding_0434.jpg
santorini pre-wedding_0441.jpg
santorini pre-wedding_0442.jpg
santorini pre-wedding_0439.jpg
santorini pre-wedding_0495.jpg
santorini pre-wedding_0531.jpg
santorini pre-wedding_0521.jpg
santorini pre-wedding_0519.jpg
santorini pre-wedding_0438.jpg
santorini pre-wedding_0551.jpg
santorini pre-wedding_0553.jpg
santorini pre-wedding_0536.jpg
santorini pre-wedding_0537.jpg
santorini pre-wedding_0548.jpg
santorini pre-wedding_0535.jpg
santorini pre-wedding_0534.jpg
santorini pre-wedding_0541.jpg
santorini pre-wedding_0543.jpg
santorini pre-wedding_0542.jpg
santorini pre-wedding_0549.jpg
santorini pre-wedding_0557.jpg
santorini pre-wedding_0558.jpg
santorini pre-wedding_0523.jpg
santorini pre-wedding_0516.jpg
santorini pre-wedding_0515.jpg
santorini pre-wedding_0513.jpg
santorini pre-wedding_0512.jpg
santorini pre-wedding_0520.jpg
santorini pre-wedding_0514.jpg
santorini pre-wedding_0522.jpg
santorini pre-wedding_0524.jpg
santorini pre-wedding_0518.jpg
santorini pre-wedding_0530.jpg
santorini pre-wedding_0538.jpg
santorini pre-wedding_0545.jpg
santorini pre-wedding_0544.jpg
santorini pre-wedding_0540.jpg
santorini pre-wedding_0539.jpg
santorini pre-wedding_0509.jpg
santorini pre-wedding_0508.jpg
santorini pre-wedding_0494.jpg
santorini pre-wedding_0493.jpg
santorini pre-wedding_0492.jpg
santorini pre-wedding_0448.jpg
santorini pre-wedding_0451.jpg
santorini pre-wedding_0459.jpg
santorini pre-wedding_0458.jpg
santorini pre-wedding_0461.jpg
santorini pre-wedding_0488.jpg
santorini pre-wedding_0503.jpg
santorini pre-wedding_0517.jpg
santorini pre-wedding_0528.jpg
santorini pre-wedding_0526.jpg
santorini pre-wedding_0527.jpg
santorini pre-wedding_0532.jpg
santorini pre-wedding_0546.jpg
santorini pre-wedding_0426.jpg
santorini pre-wedding_0413.jpg
santorini pre-wedding_0443.jpg
santorini pre-wedding_0414.jpg
santorini pre-wedding_0460.jpg
santorini pre-wedding_0533.jpg
santorini pre-wedding_0489.jpg

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